Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Walker WI

A quick post on the Wisconsin/Walker debate that I don't read much about as it makes my head spin. But my rebuttal to,_threatens_democrats_with_teacher_layoffs%3B_protesters_ejected_from_speech/?page=7

"That's Marilyn Schulman, who was there with her son, Joshua. Joshua is also a teacher. Both teach in Montgomery County (Maryland) public schools. Their union voluntarily gave up scheduled cost-of-living increases and other raises through 2014."
Ok your salary has been frozen for four years. Many many many people's have so stop complaining. And pointing out the hours you work and years and pay and all that just seems elitist or like you're begging for entitlement. I could have a sign out too, saying I make less than her son does, prob. 25% less and my school never gives raises or more money for each year of experience. But I wont because experience should not automatically equal more pay. Performance metrics anyone? But that would be "unfair".

"Think Progress highlights the Koch brothers campaign to destroy the American labor movement:"
Koch brothers... ok so yeah they're involved but I'm just plain tired of hearing their names so just stop it. They're like the new Bush, since Bush bashing got tiresome.

Now after viciouslyopposing pro-middle class policies for years, Koch Industries is trying to eliminate the only organizations which serve as acounterweight to its well-oiled corporate machine.
(yes there are typos) Ok so.... corporate machine, middle class..let's see. If I were unmarried, I'd be a whopping $6,000 over the qualification for food stamps. I mean $6,000 isn't chump change but it also isn't tons of money. My income could qualify me as being at the very very very bottom of middle class. So.... if I were a single mom on my income I'd be basically lower class and so are they against lower class? Why always the banter about middle class?

And corporate would a government machine be any better? I hate corporations like the rest of them- something liberals and I have in common! But is the government any better run, kinder, etc? I'm sorry but when the DMV (government run) bathroom lacks soap, warm water, mirrors, and toilet paper I have to wonder...does the government have my best interest? I go into a restroom in an evil corporation and find warm water, toilet paper...such simple niceties. The government is gulag-like, very soviet....everyone gets basic care, gray block buildings, cold water, bring your own toilet paper and soap. So how can I trust them to run education, health care, social welfare? And how is government better when they are all board members of corporations and vice versa?

But now I'm off the union sopabox which I barely mentioned. See, as said, this Walker WI thing makes my head spin. I just think....we all have to make sacrifices, we're in another great depression for christ's sakes. Stop whining about losing money or not earning enough or working too hard and thank God almighty, Buddha, whoever that you still HAVE A JOB. Where I live, unemployment is in the 20% range. So you can "afford" to not get a raise. If you're so caring as you claim to be, you'd be okay with that. My own school had either a 13 or 33% increase in health care (I don't recall since I actually just go under my husband's care) so instead of NOT passing it onto the workers (part of the WI debate is that those represented by the union cannot afford the brunt of these increases and refuse to have their health costs increase) we passed it on. Well we cover the employee with last year's costs (this is what all unions do for all employees..expensive!!!) and family must take the brunt of the charge so your spouse and kiddos health care is 13 or 33% more. Since everything comes from our general fund, it was this or let go of some teachers and support staff. We decided to "share the burden" because we couldn't imagine letting go of staff, as this job is their families livelihood.

Oh and by the way the pro-middle class liberals who frequent alternet's website...statistically speaking, the most common visitors of the site are upper middle class and above...those evil top 2% wage earners are...sometimes liberals perhaps? Oh the horror!

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