Sunday, March 6, 2011

Achievement Gap/At Risk/Violence and Drugs

The TV was on when I sat down on the couch and realized the remote was no where to be seen. As a working first time mom to a newborn, I had finally sat down to relax so the last thing I wanted was to get up and change the channel. I was stuck with what was on.

On TV was a show commemorating the life of rapper (and an avid reader - little known fact there) Tupac Shakur. Some guy was talking about the disparity of blacks vs whites, poverty and the like and he said that in these "ghetto" neighborhoods, the kids turn out the way they do because....

.....guns and drugs are so easy to get............

Well I say that is just a pathetic excuse! Books are just as damned easy to get, in fact, easier to get than drugs or guns.

So it is all about CHOICE. And to quote an elderly, Midwestern substitute teacher I talked to once; "stop whining and better yourself".

And to quote my husband, "if these kids knew knowledge is more powerful than any gun, we could change the world."

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