Saturday, March 19, 2011


Here is my comment to a Fox News article regarding merit-pay for Florida teachers,

"I am a teacher and gasp, for merit pay. However, I propose merit pay be based on observations, performance matrices, goals met, and a rubric evaluation by fellow co-workers, admin, students, parents, school board, and self, to truly develop a picture of the teacher. Evaluations should not be just a one-day only snapshot or biased "I didn't like you" perspective as exists in unionized schools today.
We need to rid of last out, first in. I have been a victim of this policy three times! After that, I left unionized schools (I paid my dues and was not represented because I was not tenured) and gladly entered a non-union, at will position in a charter school. I finally am recognized for my accomplishments and have worked my way "up the ladder" instead of being penalized for my opinion and need to challenge the education / unionized system.
We cannot and should not base merit pay on standardized testing. You cannot apply just one set of quantitative logic (yearly standardized test) to qualitative data (people) and base everything on that- statistically, such logic is invalid. Also, tests are based on IQ and the eugenic idea that other races and lower classes are dumb and inferior as proven by these exams, so to ensure the average and below people stay where they're at and don't challenge the system.

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I wonder why so far I seem to be the only one to propose a logical solution. Perhaps everyone is so wound up over "no, that's anti-union" and "don't base it on tests" that no one has thought, well, what should we do?

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