Thursday, March 3, 2011

(I lied... more about....) Wisconsin and Unions...if they REALLY cared...

Okay I lied as I'd said I'd talk about this whole WI thing only once since it makes my head spin. But as I evade my work responsibilities (who would want to bubble in the demographics on 30 exit exams anyways?) ......

I was goggling things, browsing blogs, posting...and came across a news article, a few weeks old about WI teachers striking and not working for a few days. Schools were shut down and yadda yadda... now I do not want to sound anti-union. Workers deserve rights. However, unions have now gone too far.

If WI schools were shut down for a few days who was affected/effected (will I ever learn the difference between those terms? Some times I just don't know which to use) ? Was "evil Governor Walker a/effected? No. Evil republicans? No. The Kock brothers and the corporate machine? no. THE KIDS WERE. They missed out on their EDUCATION. If these teachers CARED about kids more than themselves, they'd have stayed in the classroom!!!!! A district near me had protested budget cuts but guess what....they agreed to actually remain in the classroom, and then protest like crazy outside the district office after school.

So teachers, please listen. We're all tired of being "teacher bashed". But if you want to look good, TEACH. Show where your allegiances lie, in the classroom.

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