Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hamburger cigarettes...blame it on everyone but me

This will be one of my more blogg-y, less "intellectual" posts but I had to get it off my chest and this writing style was most befitting.....

So I read two articles lately, one claiming a new movie "Rango" should be rated R because it "features too much smoking and will cause kids to light up" and another article- well really a letter to the editor- criticizing the library for giving away a free burger coupon for every five books read, blaming the library for our "obesity epidemic".

Ok so this has nothing much to do with education per se and yet it does...have common sense people! I'm sorry but if your child lights up because of a movie or contracts diabetes because they read 5 books and ate one burger...perhaps, for lack of better terminology, your parenting sucks. You didn't teach them the evils of smoking and you kept shoveling junk food down their throats... because I'm sorry, but one movie or one burger will not cause you to go off the deep end, unless it's the "last straw" and if that's the case, everything before the last straw is more to blame.

I was raised with parents that smoked and I don't smoke. Why? Because they taught me to not smoke by leading through bad example. There was no way in hell I wanted to wake up hacking up slime every morning, or smelling smokey, or wasting money on cigarettes. And obesity..ok I was blessed with a high metabolism but, my parents taught me to eat right. Oh my God, parents...parenting? I didn't have to rely on the school to parent? I can't blame media, or I don't know, the allignment of the stars on my problems? No. Because my parents parented. Not only did their smoking gross me out, but they told me, addiction is horrible, your grandfathers died because of smoking, don't be as stupid as we are. And, you have one body so treat it right, fresh picked berries and green beans are quite tasty, burgers are garbage but everything in moderation- you can have a burger or doritos some times but don't make it a habit.

Ok rant over.

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