Monday, March 7, 2011

To Prussia With Love **or** The Prussians are Coming!

I was going to post this post but... I want to publish my own book and think this is my intro. But to entice you....

The right to vote means you can choose to vote or not. The right to bear arms means you can choose to bear arms or not. The right to practice religion doesn’t mean you have to practice religion, and you can choose the religion you wish to practice. The right to free education means you…are forced by law to attend school to at least 16 years of age. Where did the right to choose (schooling) go?

Compulsory Education and Prussia “took” that right....

(and another excerpt...)

Prussian education was a liberal reform movement set up to prepare students for their industrialized careers, and to instill loyalty to the national government, through schools called volkschulen .

The main tenets of Prussian education (volkschulen) were:

1) mandatory attendance

2) specific training for teachers

3) tax-funded education

4) national testing for all students

5) national curriculum

6) mandatory kindergarten

7) Prescribed reading instruction

more to come when I write my book!

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