Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Socialization in Schools

One purpose of the Progressive Era's education movement was to create schools that promoted social order as well as "happy" student that learns things like; how to find a perfect mate, how to cook a meal, and how to have high self esteem. Shouldn't these be the responsibility of the parents? But that's another topic.

Ask teachers what is wrong with today's students and they will invariably mention that students don't pay attention to the teacher but rather their friends and cell phone text messages. Ask a struggling student what they like about school and often the only purpose they can summon is that they enjoy lunchtime because they can be with their friends.

I am not invalidating the fact that adolescents are sociable by nature, but that the purpose of an education is to educate, not socialize. You earn an education not a socialization, but with such dumbed down curriculum, perhaps an education nowadays is just socialization via a social control minded curriculum.

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