Friday, June 24, 2011


"Training for competence involves experiences

for the teacher which will clarify his beliefs and values

and if necessary change them. Merely imparting

information and skills to him is not enough."

From Human Relations and Curriculum Change, 1951, this quote unveils the "indoctrination", "brainwashing" or "liberal agenda" being talked about amongst right-wing media. I once thought, ha, indoctrination? Now I have learned that while some claims are overblown, there is some sine-tingling creepy truth to it all. Education should be to open the minds of children, give them free reign at all that is knowledge. Teachers (should) encourage this as should all involved in education. In my opinion, education is not to change people's values and beliefs, as in America we have the freedom to think what we want to. How dare someone, these "experts" change the minds of people. Even worse, how dare they brainwash our teachers who in turn indoctrinate students to follow the beliefs they were trained to promote. This creates generational change, an institutionalization of a set bunch of principles and values, and even if they're the best values there are (that being subjective anyways...) no one has the right to force anyone to believe something they don't want to. Instead of doing mind-change in a blatant forceful manner, psychologists and other "experts" mentioned in this book used trickery to get buy-in from stakeholders,..pulling the wool over their eyes.

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