Tuesday, June 7, 2011

History Repeats Itself

Ever read something and either felt deja vu or that history repeats itself? Well tonight I'm short on commentary for once, blame lethargy, but I was just finishing my nightly reading when I came across something regarding the 1950s and almost got the chills as yes history has just now repeated itself. What I will quote from Diane Ravitch's Left Back was hauntingly familiar and really spoke to me of the problems of education today. Enjoy!

"The NEA described the critics (of progressive and life adjustment education) as subversives who wanted to destroy public education, disgruntled teachers who were not abreast of the latest methods, unreasonable parents who blamed the schools for their children's shortcomings, and racketeers who were out to make money by assailing the schools"

It goes on to say, in regards to Harvard President and author of Education For All American youth, that he said, while addressing the American Assoc of School Administration; " anyone who criticized the public schools should be asked to questions, Would you like to include the number and scope of private schools", and "Do I look forward to the day when tax money will directly or indirectly assist these schools?"

You could fool me and have said these men were not from 1950 but rather today No matter your stance on education today, you must agree that these men's comments are still rather timely.

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