Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Just some random teacher memories....

My dogs were skunked and I didn't know that 'till they came in the house and everything got stinky. I showered and wore clothing to work that was hidden deep in the dresser drawers. As I pull into the parking lot I smell skunk. With time to kill before school starts, I dash over to the grocery store and get some aerosol air freshener and douse myself in the parking lot. I bring it with my to class just in case. The students walk in...."what smells so bad?" I kind of mumble my situation. A girl who is always very cold (but secretly looks up to me) says she will take me across the street at lunch, to the college, where I could buy some college sweats and a tee shirt. I ended up looking through the you-forgot-your-uniform loaner pile and had a school shirt, boys husky sized shorts, and combat-esque boots. The boots were my original outfit as there was some snow and mud at home. The kids called me cholo and then one said no, chola, because that's the feminine form. However, they decided to stick with cholo as it was what I looked like.

When learning of the digestive system in my 5th gr classroom, a student whose parents are doctors, blurts out, "urine exits through the penis". The class goes dead quiet and he repeats, "what? Why are you all looking at me? The urine does go through the penis."

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