Monday, May 9, 2011

Job Experience

Just thought I'd list my crazy amount of education-related job experiences in my life....
1999- volunteered at a Native American pre-school in Canada for part of the summer
2000- preschool job for the summer, in my home town
2001- K-6 daycare job for the summer
2003- substitute teacher in 3 districts, all grade levels. One long term position in a math classroom grade 6
2003??? Not sure the year but I taught a 3-6th gr combo science class for summer.
2003- English Conversation tutor to college students from Japan, China, Korea
2004- first "real" job, teacher grade 5. A "program improvement" school, high ESL and poverty.
2005- independent study/home school teacher to 30 children grades K-12; Long term sub teacher (inc. a position in continuation high, science, math, pe); Adult ed ESL Teacher
2005- or 06 or..? Summer school teacher, remedial math combo class grades 3-6
2006- continued subbing, also a tutor all ages at Sylvan
2007- Teacher, grade 5 in a title-1 school
2008-Teacher, English etc, Grades 9-12 in a charter school
2009- Teacher gr 9, data and assessments manager K-12, charter
2010- 1/2 time employee (and new mommy!) K-12 charter

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