Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yeah. Lots of posts today.

From my Facebook post,

To study every problem with "an open and empty mind, without preconception, without knowing what has already been learned about it must condemn men to chronic childishness". [He] insisted society could be progressive only by conserving its tradition.

Walter Lippman in retort to the progressive education model. (As written, direct quote, by Diane Ravitch)

I totally agree. We must know our history, and also have a base of knowledge in all subjects, before we become self learners or are in a facilitator-style classroom or what have you. If history becomes social studies or social science, as it has, we open our minds to nothingness because we ignore the past and were doomed to repeat the mistakes we haven't even learned about. And no wonder our children aren't ready for college, our people are stuck pseudo-worshiping reality tv, celebrities, and products. We're all (purposely molded to be) children.

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