Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Exit Exam Part II

So I administered the exit exam today (and yippee tomorrow is another fun filled exam day! Sarcasm...)
We almost had a knock down drag out fight. A girl meddled in another's business as pencils were distributed. Then out came the curse words and threats and "Ima f--- you up b---- I ain't afraid. Bring it". Oh my.
That disaster averted (thank God the special ed teacher walked in at that moment and escorted one of the gals out; she'd come to get her anyways to test with the special ed aide); on to testing. One adult student complained how he'd taken it at least 9 times and this was his last possible chance to pass. Another student said she was nervous because she will graduate tomorrow and wished she'd know if she really was a graduate or not. An adult student said "this test is pointless. I was on an IEP and I'll never pass it. Can I just leave?" Two students didn't have any heroes (related to the writing prompt) so they said they were going to fail. One of the girls in the almost fight was aggravated and broke her pencil, breaking a nail in the process. It was a bad break and she dripped a trail of blood on the way to the office to get a bandaid. After all that drama mixed with, well, her personality, she was done, checked out, only 1/3 the way through and walked out. She can't re-test till October...five months away! Another student said, can I re-take my math, I failed, and I said no, not this administration, wait till October. Another student asked if they could take English tomorrow as they didn't feel good. Sorry, no. And all wanted music "even classical, we don't care" but that is forbidden so I said sorry no. Even though they begged and pleaded "we will do better on the test".

My word of the day today kids is: SORRY.

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