Wednesday, May 11, 2011


A short post...gasp! As brevity is not my style.

Today is graduation for my school's small class (under 20) of 2011. I have known most of these students since grade 10; some I taught for 4 hours straight so I got to know them well. I am sad to never see them again but glad they finished high school and are on the path to adulthood. I wish them the best and some key students will truly be missed. P: I have listened to all your drama and calmed you down many times. I've encouraged you when you wanted to drop out many times. You have a kind heart and I wish you the best. J: You've been through tough times and deserve none of it. I love your creative unique personality! C: A quiet one, mysterious at times....but I know you're a kind gentle soul. A: I will miss our chats when you tell me everything wrong, not caring about curse words or drama. While school will be quieter with you gone, haha, your smile and warmth will be missed. And to all the students I'm not including, I still love you all and wish you the best!

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