Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I do think tenured teachers- well, all teachers- should be protected from biased administrators and the like. But tenure needs to be tweaked a little so that 99 - 99.9% of tenured teachers don't just keep teaching when some are indeed ineffective.
I know of a school district where a teacher got tenure somehow and has been from school to school because everyone has tried to rif of her but since she is tenured, all you can do is move her around.

She now works at an alternative ed school with the "at risk" kids. She has no classroom management, and while those kids often claim they hate school and school work and refuse to do much of anything, they now have a teacher new to the school, and they write her nasty notes on how ineffective and horrible she is. When the at risk kids are telling you you're a bad teacher and can't teach... this is a sign that tenure is ineffective in some cases.
Oh well....

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