Monday, October 10, 2011

Cheating is a Crime, You Will Be Punished. Wait, No, Rewarded.

I read an article at
and just had to give my two cents. (The article excerpts are in italics, and violet or whatever color blogger is making THIS, to avoid any confusion.)

Teachers often discuss the evils and ramifications of cheating and/or plagiarizing in the classroom- shame, lowered grades, detention, suspension, removal from the school. However, teachers must be promoting the "do as I say not as I do" addage. Here's why...

Twelve teachers who were involved in a Connecticut test tampering scandal are losing 20 days pay and must serve 25 hours of community service by tutoring students after school, the Republican American reports.

These teachers are "punished" by a loss of pay... but only 20 day's worth. They're still in the classroom. They are also to do a little community service, but not picking up garbage, no, get this, by TUTORING CHILDREN. Let me get this straight. They are found tampering test scores and so they are placed back in the classroom and given additional responsibility, to tutor children? These are probably the same "at risk" children whose tests were altered in the first place. So ok, let's allow these teachers to have additional time in an environment that caused the cheating scandal to begin with. That is like releasing a criminal, who was caught robbing banks, and giving him a job in a bank, and merely trusting him to not do anything bad.

"We welcome the teachers back and we want to encourage them to be the professionals that they are and to assist the youngsters in every way possible to succeed,"

Like what....cheat? Again?

And in another post I will address the reasons, the drive, to cheat because of the pressure to excel on standardized tests, and all that rides on a score.

These teachers keep their jobs even though, had it been a student charged of this, or someone in another career, they'd be out, fired, gone, faster than you can imagine. Why are these teachers back in the classroom? Thank your local, state, and federal teacher unions for making it nearly impossible to fire a teacher. This issue, too, will be in my next post.

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