Friday, October 21, 2011

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"The man hired by the San Bernardino City Unified School District for a top administrative post had resigned recently from a San Diego district after reports surfaced that he improperly changed student grades and that money was mismanaged at his former school.

District officials discovered $21,583 had been taken from nine clubs at the 1,500-student campus without their knowledge, the newspaper reported. Officials also found $72,712 in bills, some as much as two years old, had not been paid. The bills covered everything from football and cheerleader uniforms to yearbooks and Advanced Placement tests.Ochoa also signed off on 115 grade changes, erasing Ds and Fs from student transcripts using a process not allowed under district policy. To make the changes, he used a form reserved for teachers who need to correct grading mistakes, rather than using the form for make-up classes.

San Bernardino hired Ochoa as administrative director, curriculum/instruction and accountability and research for secondary education. His salary is $102,453 to $124,392, according to a recruitment announcement.

Spokeswoman Linda Bardere said the district checked Ochoa’s background and received only positive references.

“His strength in curriculum and instruction was emphasized,” she said. “We’re giving this information the level of attention it requires and at this point it is premature to comment any further.”

Ahh. I just love it! A district with many program improvement schools and high drop-out rate hires, for good money, a man convicted to changing grades and stealing money. Then again, what else to expect? He raised grades (illegally) therefore, yeah, he has a great, on paper, track record of student achievement. When everyone appears to have good grades, it appears that academic achievement is improving. Just like the teachers (in gosh, what state? Too many) that have been either placed in rubber rooms, full pay, or had a mild pay dock and remain in the classroom plus now tutor children, this man got a job transfer and a pretty little salary.

Something is wrong with this system.

Update, 9 hours a letter in the I remember, I applied for that VERY POSITION and am/was FULLY QUALIFIED but NOT even selected for an INTERVIEW. Oh baby, here comes the press.

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