Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some may think I am against unions. I'm neither 100% for, or against. However, I've been a union person, a paying member in the past. But because union membership only covers so much for a "probationary", non tenured teacher, ehh....not 100% keen on the union. I had to pay my full dues but not get full representation. I could have abstained and just paid agency fees but how is that really any different than joining? I don't like that joining the local union automatically means I am a member of the state and nationwide union. I don't like that it is virtually impossible to rid of a dues-paying tenured union teacher but as easy as pie to rid of a dues-paying probationary teacher. No one seems to mention that! I do not like that my money goes towards political things supposedly "in the interest of my profession", or that it goes to paying for "administrative leave" (at best) or job-shuffling of the rare, but not-my-thing, "bad" teachers.
I think a union should exist to protect teachers from true unfair harm like crazy administrators or parents out to take you for everything you're worth over asinine things like using a red pen and writing and "F" grade, or for not bringing the despot principal donuts or whatever. Exist so that teachers do not work 17 hour days without air conditioning or potty breaks. Basically, follow worker's rights that exist in places without unions. And that is it. The school district, independent of the union, should offer insurance. And that is that.

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