Thursday, October 6, 2016

Cogs in the machine - OR - Digital DNA of our children is REAL.  has a link to the PDF of the white paper, Cogs in the Machine. Below are some quotes from it.

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SLDS....why I don't put my kids in public schools, is reiterated in CITM (Cogs in the Machine)....

"establish and use pre-K-through-college and career data systems to track progress and foster continuous improvement . . . This legislation expanded the requirements for state SLDS, mandating that grantee
states track children “from early childhood through the start of a young adult’s career."

Cradle to grave, my friends. Here's more!

 "Department of Health and Human Services. Announced in 2011, ELC was designed to increase the number of children from birth through age five enrolled in a government pre-K program (instead of being at home with family or in private childcare).57 Among other requirements, applicant states were judged on their commitment to “building or enhancing data systems to monitor the status of children’s learning and development from preschool through third grade . . . .”58 These data systems had to contain certain “essential elements,” including child and family demographic information and measures of “language and literacy development, cognition and general knowledge (including early mathematics and early scientific development), approaches toward learning, physical well-being and motor development (including adaptive skills), and social and emotional development.”59 And the states had to demonstrate a “unique statewide child identifier or another highly accurate,
proven method to link data on that child . . . to and from the Statewide Longitudinal Data System  (SLDS)"

Cradle to grave, my friends. Yes, I said it already but it needs reiterating. THIS IS REAL. No joke. No conspiracy theory needed.

"The American Civil Liberties Union has noted:
According to the Fordham Center on Law and Information Policy, which reviewed the state data collection practices on K-12 students in all 50 states, data collected by particular states includes pregnancy, mental health information, criminal history, birth order, victims of peer violence, parental education, medical test results, and birth weight. The study also found that information was not being handled in compliance with current law, and that there were no clear rules for accessing the information"

This means schools are collecting data on over 400 points, things/points of data like birth order, even......who needs to know this? And if there are NO CLEAR RULES FOR ACCESSING THIS  info, let alone data breeches, ANYONE can conceivably KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR CHILD....even their address, etc, this is CHILD EXPLOITATION MANDATED BY YOUR GOVERNMENT. Sorry for the cap letters but this is something so few know or want to believe but it is true and I'm livid about it.

But wait there's more. This extends, as said, cradle to grave. Here's part of the cradle section;

"ECDC released a February 2014 report finding that only Pennsylvania, so far, links “child-level data” across all early-education programs and its K-12 system, but nearly every other state plans to create such linkages in the near future.his requires using a unique student ID number, which some states generate using birth certificates.The comprehensive type of data ECDC encourages states to collect includes body-mass index, developmental
screenings, and information collected from home visits.Thirty states currently link some early-childhood data to K-12 data and, thanks to federal prodding through SLDS grants and Head Start funding, nearly all plan to expand and centralize their data-collection on small children. A bipartisan preschool expansion bill in Congress right now, titled the “Strong Start for America’s Children Act,” would require states to tie early-childhood data to K-12 systems. "

More to come!!!

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