Wednesday, January 7, 2015

weekly links

Weekly links (Or monthly links at this point...)

cradle to grave california (< thats a link right there) connect ed has linked learning, part of California's P20 crafle to grave data collection on children.

Related to it is linked learning which is all new to me. Ok well I knew California had to have some cradle to career aspects but I had yet to find concrete evidence.

Anyway I found both those links from CommonCoreDiva and her blog/article at common core diva

Sure....gettig more kids to complete high school is awesome. But using something everyone can rally behind (right? Increasing graduation rates, yes please!)" But dangling the carrot and influencing "warm fuzzies" and emotions of everyone is a propahanda tactic and hiding behind good will is social efficiency and probably some "lining the coffers" for the school to prison pipeline. Little Jacob stole milk money in first grade and listened to heavy metal in high school so he is likely to go to prison, best not encourage college, and Emma wants to be a physicist but she borrows when subtracting instead of using the laboriois common core method, thus, she failed third grade math so put her on the career path of dishwasher..... here is one more bit about it..

...what happens if there is a data security breach like happemed at Target or Home Depot or Amazom or... the list goes on. Be afraid. Heres the link, here it is.