Saturday, February 9, 2013

the psychos of the tenured teacher rank

First a disclaimer, there are plenty of good tenured teachers. In fact, the majority are good, but a few rotten eggs ruin the bunch, and unlike other careers in which one serves the needs of the people, in teaching these rotten eggs are just shuffled around, kept.

Below is what I am 99% sure is a true story, told to me by a few reputable people on seperate occasions.

A teacher, Mrs. X worked in a cerrtain district at a certain high school last year. She was tenured and did something unspeakable. She threatened a student, saying she would bring a gun to school and blow his brains out. Police investigated and found an unregistered gun in her home and removed it.

Mrs. X was then transferred to another high school in the district where she still works to this very day, teaching our youth. Because she is tenured. Because the threat cannot become reality because I suspect that, well, she is at a different school, removed from her victim, and now has had her gun taien from her. You know, so, everyone is safe. She is now medicated so all is well.

I do not feel at ease, that she is in the classroom.