Monday, July 17, 2017

Global Agenda to Track Children's Psychological Profile

I hope to come back and actually "blog" about this and research this, but I'm also writing a novel, organizing for the upcoming homeschooling year, getting ready for Vacation Bible School, rearranging and constructing furniture, etc...So busy!


I came upon this and couldn't forget about it. It's one of those "OMG" links to the evil machine of the education empire.

Well, there are actually a few connected components.

So without further ado, some links.
A lengthy global-agenda document on secretly integrating SEL (social emotional learning) into educational software. Globally.
A link with links!  The article sent me down a rabbit hole of info and I had to stop since it was nearing midnight when I found it.

CASEL- mentioned in the link above, Linda Darling Hammond is on the board. Many physchologists and special ed advocates are, too, which seems in..let's record SEL data on every student. If, say, Billy has some anger issues due to poverty (food insecurity etc) and borderline Autism Spectrum, he might have lower SEL Scores so let's record all that in the p20 pipeline. Let's let this data be insecure and let Educational Technocrats manage the info and pass it on to Billy's college and career. Who would want to hire Billy who has low SEL skills? How is this good for psychology and special ed advocates? It isn't. It is a control mechanism.