Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Students and the Govt:: Security, Safety, Privacy

Students were discussing the Boston Marathon bombing in Social Studies/US History today, so to do some cross-curricular learning, I had their daily journal prompt relate.

My prompt was;

Recently in Boston. homes were
searched for terror suspects. Some
say this is necessary protection.
Others say it violates freedom and privacy.
What are your thoughts?

And here is a sampling of results. I am not going to politicize it or give commentary... take it as you like. I found the answers interesting.

Spelling etc is not taken into account for this activity.

Also I apologize for the sideways images, they are the correct orientation on my laptop, camera, and Microsoft paint. I provide captions for readability.

Lastly, I did not impose my own beliefs...merely gave the prompt, collected work, and said there would be follow up activities in Social Studies. So their answers were not fed to them.

I think it was a good idea. It could help prevent
any other dangerous situations. At the time it was
also an invasion of privacy because they barged in the
without a search warrant

My thoughts are that they
should secure Boston
because people there are
making threats and bombs yes
its okay for police to search
your house for bombs ore
any type of weapons

I wouldn't mind getting my
house searched because of
the situation\ that happen. A
lot of things have been
happening so I feel that it
will be necessary to search
other peoples homes

(prompt written) I think it was a violation
of privacy.  They invaded the personal
apace of many many people. Violated
their houses and privacy.

my thoughts are that was good idea. Some should be the need to feel protection in Boston. You never know what one of those terrorists was in their home.
people wouldn't be safe in their own environment. They would
be really scared.
(prompt) My thoughts on the
subject is that since people
were seriously injured and
even killed they need to figure out
who did this. Searching
peoples homes is totally
necessary. Just to be safe.

I feel that what happened in boston
was necessary to do. I feel that
 they were taking every precaution
needed to keep the community safe.
My thoughts feel like they aren't
invading privacy they are just
doing their job to protect everyone.

I think it does violate privacy and freedom but do to
the bombing its for the best. Therefore,
I do believe its necessary.

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