Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Usually the end of the school year is full of mixed emotions, but mostly sadness. Sure, I can't wait for summer break, but I'm usually on a one-year contract or pink slipped due to LIFO, so I am full of sadness. The four walls, 30-some desks, bustle of children I will never see again fills me with sorrow. A part of my life, and my joy and passion, ended.

Not this year. Yeah, I will miss my students. I already miss teaching as education is dead.

I have five weeks left. Five. I can do it. I can do it. I can approach the days without anguish or depression, because, even if I'm ready to resign, even though I loathe my job, I'll be done soon. I best make the best of it because I truly love teaching. Granted it seems like I don't teach, enlighten, empower anymore but I think I will miss the smell of expo markers, the sounds of pencil on paper, the visual stimulus of paper airplanes, tattoos, ipods, textbooks and restless students.

But all I can do now is say, five more weeks. I can do this.

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