Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Questions to those complaining about education / politicians ideas / ed reform

I have some questions to most folks out there, but generally "liberals" regarding education.

1. If, theoretically, vouchers get an "ok, go" and more theoretically, do actually "pay" for private school, what is "wrong" with that? Aside from the "tax money should not fund religious schools" debate?

2. What threat do charter schools have? If they're corrupt or low performing or what have you, people will leave the school and it will shut down.

3. What is so bad about parental choice in schools?

4. What is so bad about homeschool? Why is it such a "threat"?

5. Why is more federal control of education a good thing?

6. Why is Race To The Top a good thing? (When you say NCLB is a bad thing? I think they're quite similar.)

7. WTF....regarding the 100% proficient idea of NCLB regarding testing...

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