Monday, August 15, 2011

This is about the "resegregation" of schools where students attend their neighborhood school instead of busing to a school with an exact formula of race A, race B, economic status X and Z....

I am against schools enrolling solely on geography. So you'd think I was against this proposition.
I'm surely going to be blasted for this. As a teacher.... teachers are miracle workers. Saying that re-segregating schools, i.e. the "poor black kids" attend one school, "poor white kids" another and "wealthy asians" another... means that the "bad" kids will perform poorly in school cause' they don't have what the rich kids have. Yes, that's part of it. But many many schools have taken the worst of the worst and made them the best. So saying that resegreation hurts schools, is saying essentially "it makes teaching too hard when you get the bad kids." So much for miracle workers.

Here's my "evil" solution.

Hire the best and only the best teachers. Don't hire or tenure based on popularity, looks, relatives in the district, butt-kissing tactics, or networking. Hire based on qualifications, performance, and the like. Teachers that improve test scores and attendance, and have a "following" of former students... hire the mentors, the heroes, the experts, the motivators, the inspire-ers. Hire those "way up" on the "Good to Great" (a book, look it up!) leadership scale.
And while we're at it, heck pay them a little more. They earned it.
Align funds better. Rid of categorical spending and allow all money to go into one fund and have transparency. Post your budget monthly and allow the public, parents, all stakeholders to vote on it and have a say in how their tax dollars are spent on their children. And rid of those random "here's a million dollars, spend it all in one month or it is gone" kind of gimmicks that come about where teachers and staff waste money on stupid things because, well, it's free money.
And allow students to attend whatever public/charter school they damn well please to. If a school "sucks" so much that everyone leaves, good....shoulda' seen it coming and fixed it.

I'm sure I'll be tar and feathered for these ideas, told I am anti teacher, anti student, anti education, anti union.... you name it. Bla bla bla. I just tell it like it is because gasp I care about education and can see through all the b.s. to the real problems and solutions at stake.

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