Thursday, September 29, 2011

psychologists ruling over our kids

Ok. I am all against teen suicide, have witnessed depression and other mental disorders, bla bla. They are indeed a tragedy. BUT is it the place of schools to assess students in order to diagnose them with mental illness and suggest treatment?
Sure it is, I guess....I mean, then we can all have drugged up mindless robots. Perfect!

Disclaimer: I'm exhausted today so it is another cut and paste day. Sigh. Perhaps I'll return and actually write something up. But also in my defense, my works-5%-of-the-time laptop, which has all my research, is stored away and I don't feel like battling it for research and my own write-ups.
John Taylor Gatto, in The Underground History of American Education (my favorite book! My mentor!) said....
In 1928, a well-regarded volume called A Sociological Philosophy of Education claimed, "It is the business of teachers to run not merely schools but the world." A year later, the famous creator of educational psychology, Edward Thorndike of Columbia Teachers College, announced, "Academic subjects are of little value." William Kirkpatrick, his colleague at Teachers College, boasted in Education and the Social Crisis that the whole tradition of rearing the young was being made over by experts


the home altogether too often is unintelligent or neglectful in the handling of children, and not infrequently it has abdicated entirely and has turned over to the public school the whole matter of the training and education of the young.”

ok this post is dying on the vine. But my point here is.... A test to test children for psychological disorders, available in a school near you! And the executive director is, gasp, a Columbia graduate and follower of "bioethics" which, from my research, is science's way of validating and trying to resurrect the eugenics movement. "The TeenScreen Program is an extremely controversial mental health screening program developed by Columbia University’s Child Psychiatry Research Department. Their goal is to screen every school-aged child before graduation for suicide and "mental disorders" using a computer survey and then recommending those that are considered at risk for "treatment."

The "creator" of the exam, David Shaffer, has been a consultant to "big pharma" companies such as Hoffman La rouch, Wyeth, Glaxo Smith Kline, and Pfizer. And gasp, he too attended Columbia.

The director, Leslie Mcguire, has said, ""Getting the kids to buy in is such an essential thing because for the most part, you're distributing the consent forms to the kids to bring home to their parents and bring them back. So you have to get their buy in, you have to get them interested in it." When asked about "incentives", McGuire replied: "Hollywood Video coupons, you get that regardless. Even if the form says no, you still get the reward."

BRIBING our children into big pharma's hands, and mindless control (indoctrination perhaps) with promise of a nifty coupon. YES. This is real.

Just say no to drugs

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