Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gloablization of Clothing, Where are you Wearing?

Globalization of clothing....WHERE are you wearing?

I decided to catalog my family of three's clothing for a week. Ok, we often wear more but we were on vacation, down to one suitcase so the numbers are a little low. No worries- we did laundry!

Here is the map of our clothing's "made in" tags;

Red = 1-2 tags
Orange = 3-4 tags
Yellow = 5-6 tags
Green = 7-8 tags
Blue= 9-10 tags
Purple = 11 or more tags
and a count of the places....

14 China

3 India

2 Thailand

1 Jordan

2 Cambodia

6 Bangladesh

1 Indonesia

4 Mexico

2 Egypt

2 Pakistan

1 Guatemala.

Worthy of note, afterwards I went through ALL of my infant son's clothing and EVERY piece, all different brands, is made in China. Bummer.

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