Wednesday, April 20, 2011

(a non-related tangent)

Okay so admittedly this post is a stretch to relate to education. But it has to do with me getting to work, and the fact I work at an environmentally focused school. (Yes, I drive a hummer, if you saw my commute in winter you'd know why.)

And when testing hell is over...I have 3 weeks of CSTs, then AP, then CAHSEE to round off 5 weeks of this...I will be back to my regular, education focused blogging self. mentions that lovely idea of a mileage tax for driving for which I am totally against.
Here's the ridiculousness of the environmental movement in regards to driving..

"drive less or be taxed" Like I choose to drive almost 100 miles a day? I can't move to near where I work because well a) I own my home and in this economy it won't sell and if it does I will probably owe more than it sells for, so I stay put b) education jobs are not stable so I could move near work and then, being an at will employee, lose my job and then what?

"bike to work" last year there was an electronic marquee, you know, the ones on the freeway that report abducted children and road conditions...well it was promoting bike or take public transport to work week and I about died laughing. So I researched it... to bike to work (I'd need a decent, pricey mountain bike), it would take 4 hours to get to work and would include riding on a rubicon black diamond jeep trail, and then through a cattle ranch (private property).

Ok so how 'bout I walk to work, the greenies promote that. That would take me only ten hours, walkng the same path as biking.

Since that is not an option let's take public transportation to work. I would have to leave home by about 4:45 to walk 2 miles (up and down in the mountains) to the bus stop. It would be pitch black and there aren't any street lights and hopefully a bear or mountain lion would not snack on me. Arriving at the bus stop un eaten, I'd take the bus down to central station. I would wait there until night time to take a train. OR... I can leave home and walk two miles, leaving at about 1:30pm on let's say..Sunday. Get to the station at 3:30, and wait until 8:00pm for the train. Take the train and arrive at 9:10pm. Then I spend the night near the station as no busses are available and take the 6:30am bus, switching buses four times to arrive across the street from work at 7:37am. Or I could skip spending the night and wander on foot through gang ridden neighborhoods and desolate stretches of desert to arrive at work at 12:45am (sleeping in the parking lot or my classroom?) and hopefully on my walk, the seasonal river would not be flowing or I'd go for a wet cold night wade through a river in the dark.

Ok so that is not an option so I'll stick to my commute and pray for cheaper gas, no commuter tax, etc.

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