Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Protecting Valuables

I could go on and on about gun control, the Sandy Hook massacre, etc. But I won't. All I will say is this: Why are our children, our most valuable things, NOT protected? After the massacre, guess what? Schools are NO MORE secure or protected. That is, unless you go to the same school as the President's children, which has 11 armed guards and did before his children were there. You know, we can protect the top 1% elite. Schools have had, and have, in place a "lockdown" system for a gunman on campus. Get inside the classroom, lock your doors, hunker down. About as effective as hiding under your desks in a nuclear disaster drill. Sure, having armed guards at schools makes them prison-like. Newsflash, they are already prison-like. Would I feel more secure if the school I worked at was secure, with armed guards or teachers or janitors or whatever? Yes yes and more yes. Anyone who decides not to go in the front door can go in a side door, knocking until someone lets them in. And if they are armed, I don't think anyone is going to ask for their student id. If the crazy person walks into the main office and just rids of the secretary, they have free reign of the school. Sure, society is ill and we have crazies and bla bla bla. I completely agree, but you cannot change society overnight. With a prevalent rap and gang culture, no rights of passage, broken homes, lack of morals, etc etc....we aren't going to have a utopia any time soon. When education, family values, and being a decent human being are "uncool", it doesn't help. Besides, you never can have a utopian society. Sure we can help the entally ill much better than we have. We can do many things to lesson a propensity for violence, but we can never eradicate it. And lessening it takes years. Decades. Centureis. Protecting our children takes seconds. Let's protect them, and work on bettering society.

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