Thursday, July 12, 2012

Prisonview Elementary

I interviewed for an administrative position at school X, we'll call it.
I did not get the job after a 5 hour interview including an 8 pages of typing for an in depth analysis/case study thing.

But that is ok. School X should be shut down. I want to expose them for what they do to children.

X is an elementary charter school in Illinois.

X does not have recess. No play time, free time, social time, zone out time, break time. At all. Even in kindergarten.

X does have lunch so I guess that is a "break"? It is either 20 or 30 minutes. They get assigned seats in the cafeteria and sit with their if a 5th grader in Mrs. Teacher's class has a friend in Mr. Teacher's 5th grade class, they won't eat together. Kids just sit and eat and sit and go back to class.

X has P.E./Health but it isn't daily.

X is technology centered. For 1985. They have one computer lab, used once a week per class, for test prep. Joy.

X has students attend from 8-3, but you're supposed to arrive by 730 and stay till 5 for enrichment courses.

X serves a high poverty high minority population

X is "rigorous" and "academics focused" and "college bound, even in kindergarten, we expect every child to attend college"

X has "no mobility, students attend here till they have to go on to public middle school. None leave, they love it here". The official state data website has a different statistic- mobility of 82%, meaning 82% that started, didn't finish there. But the school does not allow new students after October so....yeah...

X does not reward good behavior cause it should be intrinsic. Sure, I agree, but sometimes it helps. If giving Billy a sticker for not cursing the teacher out, so be it, it is in the best interest for the students and staff.

X does not have art or music. Not even the Macaroni Lincoln Art we all did in school, cause it isn't "academic". No "Holiday musical" or anything. And no classroom parties, no birthday celebrations or even last day of school field day.

X has uniforms...ok I am not against that but they even get into sock color and length and stuff.

I have named School X, Prison View Elementary. Cause it sounds like prison.

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