Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm published! Re: District's Corrupt Hiring

District's poor choice
Posted: 11/13/2011 07:32:37 PM PST
In the Oct. 21 article, "San
Bernardino City Unified School District hires administrator with troubled past,"
it was brought to the public's attention that an audacious administrator, Mr.
Ochoa, was hired as SBCUSD's administrative director of curriculum/instruction
and accountability and research-secondary education, to what seems to be, given
the comments online, public outrage.
The citizens of San Bernardino are beside themselves that a man who was
accused of misappropriating funds and illegally changed grades was hired on as a
highly paid SBCUSD employee, and who can blame them? He has since declined the
At the time of Ochoa's hiring, SBCUSD had other options. Ochoa was indeed not
the only qualified applicant; SBCUSD chose Ochoa over other applicants.
I know this because I was one of the qualified applicants who has not
committed any crimes, disobeyed procedures, or any other questionable actions.
On Oct. 20, I was sent an official letter from SBCUSD stating, "Thank you for
applying for the position of Administrative Director, Curriculum/Instruction and
Accountability and Research-Secondary Education. We had many fine applicants.
However, after a careful screening process, we regret to inform you that you
were not one of the candidates selected for an interview."
One must question this "careful screening process" that "missed" the recent
deplorable actions of Ochoa. If SBCUSD wishes to improve its negative image,

it should revamp its "careful screening process" and hire applicants with
clean records.

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