Monday, July 11, 2011

The Perfect Storm

Egads! A short post from me! Here goes!

There are many "perfect storms" in education right now, a major one being standardized testing.
Those in power and control of society like to categorize people, thus making us more manageable when they and we know our place. Standardized testing labels us and sends us on a life-long path based on our performance; such a process is intentional and has been in place for quite some time.
Also, the corporations and government run the nation and are essentially one in the same. Testing is not cheap, and management of testing isn't either...someone profits... a lot. So not only can you manage people, but you can make bank while at it. How perfect! To eradicate such an evasive perfect storm requires revolution in a sense because "we the people" must fight against corporations and government whose livelihood now depends on this structure, one they've been shaping and cementing into place for decades, to where it doesn't just exist overtly but in whispers and shadows.

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  1. It seems to me that the teachers, collectively, could take an aggressive stand against testing.

    It would mean broaching the class taboo, but it's a price we'll all just have to pay. But who better to educate us on the matter than teachers?!

    It would also mean savings of billions of dollars--maybe in the first year!