Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quick blurb about testing testing testing

...a response to an email between myself and a co-worker...

While I'm the data/test coordinator, I like data almost enough to be nerdy and obsessed and yet I don't like standardized tests. Life and applicable knowledge isn't in multiple choice format, nor is intelligence. And standardized testing's origins were to further stratify society and utilize these tests to prove the "unfit" -the non-white non elites were just that, unfit or less than. But I digress... Data directs our teaching as it should but one multiple choice test shouldn't dictate the future or paint the picture of a student- multiple assessments of all types should. But off my soapbox, as long as we teach "higher" or "above" the test but don't ignore the fact tests exist, and as long as we always use data (even "gut feelings") to sharpen our teaching, we'll do great things!

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